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Thursday, December 22, 2011

HW for 12/22

Complete the rough draft of your 1st four paragraphs:

i. Intro
ii. Explanation of event
iii. Background info
iv. argument one

HW for 12/21

Complete the outline and intro paragraph.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Research Paper Overview

Pivotal Moment Persuasive Essay
(Mini Performance Based Assessment Task)
So far this year, we have been learning about the long struggle towards achieving civil rights in the United States. We learned about Reconstruction efforts in the 1800’s and how Jim Crow laws and Black Codes were implemented to create a segregated South and prevent efforts at equality from moving forward. We then learned about how individuals and groups fought for civil rights.
You will be writing a 2-3 page essay in which you look at how legal segregation was ended and how civil rights were eventually achieved. More specifically, you will write about what moments help to spark this change in our country.
Your essay should respond to the following prompt: How can individual moments spark change? Describe one pivotal moment from the civil rights movement. What made this moment pivotal? How did it spark change and help achieve civil rights?
Your essay will include the following sections:
I.               Introduction: Give context and share your thesis statement
II.              Explanation of your event: describe your event in detail. Use evidence from your research.
III.            Background information: are there events leading up to your moment that helped make this a pivotal moment? What else is happening at that time?
IV.            Argument one: Why is this a pivotal moment?
V.              Argument two: Why else is this a pivotal moment?
VI.            Argument three: Final reason this is a pivotal moment?
VII.           Opposing argument: Why might others argue this isn’t a pivotal moment? Why are they wrong?
VIII.         Conclusion: Restate thesis, how does it connect to today?
Note: Sections VI. And VII. Are encouraged but optional. You should only begin work on them after completing all other sections.
Topics (select one):
q Emmett Till’s Murder
q Brown v. Board of Education
q The Little Rock 9 enter Central High School
q Nashville Lunch Counter Sit-Ins
q The Montgomery Bus Boycott
q _____________________________ (If you are selecting your own moment, you will be responsible for gathering your own sources for research. Additionally, you must ok your topic with Amanda and/or Chris before beginning)

HW for 12/20

Complete "Gathering Relevant Evidence" worksheet. This is page 71 in your binder. Make sure you have quotes from all the articles, including the primary source.

HW for 12/19

Read and mark the text of at least 2 articles for you research paper

Friday, December 16, 2011

HW for 12/16

Make flash cards for the following terms:

Malcolm X, Black Panthers, SNCC, Watts Riot, Direct Action, “by any means necessary”

STUDY your flash cards every night! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

HW 12/15

Nonviolence reflection.

Write 2 paragraphs about non-violent resistance in the Civil Rights Movement. 

In the first paragraph explain the views of both MLK and Malcolm X. Use evidence to support your statements. 

In the second paragraph share your own opinion. Whose philosophy do you support? Whose philosophy do you think is more effective in achieving equal rights?

HW for 12/14

Complete pages 59-60

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HW for 12/13

Read and mark the text on p. 57 then complete the chart on the back.

Bonus stamp for finishing King's, "Letter from a Birmingham Jail."

Monday, December 12, 2011

Students Create Political Campaign Posters

A few exemplars from a recent HW assignment:

HW for 12/12

You binder will be collected and checked tomorrow, make sure it is up to date and organized.

In addition, STUDY your flashcards... you never know when a pop quiz might come along :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

HW for 12/9

Make 4 additional flashcards: Nashville Lunch Counter Sit-ins, Civil Disobedience, Non-Violent Resistance, Boycott

Remember to study your flash cards! There will be a quiz on Monday or Tuesday.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

HW for 12/8

Make flash cards for the following terms: Rosa Parks, Montgomery Bus Boycott, The Lost Year, Martin Luther King Jr, pivotal moment

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

HW for 12/5

Create your own campaign poster for the organization "STOP." You poster must have a slogan illustration and at least 2 colors.

HW for 12/6

Write a paragraph about a pivotal moment in your own life. Your paragraph should be at least 6-8 sentences.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

HW for 12/2

Read the article "I decided not to run." Mark the text of the article and then answer the questions on the back of the page.

Note: 804 does not have this HW.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

High School Applications

Don't forget that your high school application is due tomorrow!

HW for 12/1

Make new flashcards for the following terms: Emmett Till, Little Rock 9, Eisenhower, Faubus, Bystander, Upstander, Mob Rule.

Make sure you study ALL your flashcards from this unit every night.